Goat paintings

My January 2019 daily paintings of goats were inspired by visits to  Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy . Their goat cheese is amazing and I learned how personable goats are.  I created the paintings for a 2 day event in Feb 2019 at Artist Image Resource. The  unframed original paintings (not prints)  are for sale. Those already sold begin with SOLD under the image. Just send me a message if you would like to purchase one of them through my contact page .

My facebook page ‘Carol Skinger Artworks’ which I invite you to like also has a full album with dimensions and prices.

SOLD  $150.-12″ X 18″ – ‘Minds Meeting’ pastel on paper.

$200.-14″ x 17″- ‘Two Goats in Snow’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

SOLD $200.-12″ X 12″ – ‘Snow Goat’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

SOLD $250.-12″ X 16″- ‘Four Goats at the Fence’

Available $200.-12″ X 16″ -‘Camoflage Goat’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $200.-8 1/2″ X 8 1/2″- ‘Goat family’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $200.-12″ x 18″- ‘Goat on a Summer Day’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $175.- 7″ x 10″ – ‘Goat & Paintbrushes’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $175.-9″ x 11″ – ‘Man kicks Goat’ watercolor on paper

Available $175.-11″ x 14″ – ‘Goat Kicks Man’ watercolor & gouache on paper

Available $200.-12″ X 12″- ‘Sculptural Goat’ watercolor & gouache on paper.


Available $175.-16″ x 16″- ‘Pat the Goat’ watercolor on paper.

Available $150.-12″ X 18″ – ‘Minds Meeting’ pastel on paper.

$150.-12″ x 16″- ‘Meeting of the Minds’ watercolor & ink on paper.

SOLD $350 -12″ X 18″- ‘Herd on the Move’

SOLD $200.-12″ x 12″ – ‘Goats in the Forest’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

SOLD $175. 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ Brown goat on green & blue. Watercolor, gouache, ink.

SOLD $200.-12″ X 16″ – ‘Goat near Barn’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $200.-12″ x 15 1/2″ – ‘Goat at Low Tide’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

SOLD $175.-12″ X 12″- ‘Gray Goat’ watercolor on paper.

Available $350– 22″x 22″ – ‘White on Blue Goat’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Available $175.-12″ x 12″ – ‘Three blues’ watercolor & gouache on paper.

Carol Skinger with the Goat paintings (mostly goats) painted January 2019.

Available $200.-12″ X 18″ – ‘Mid Century Lamp on New Years Day’ pastel on paper.

I did this on the first day before I realized I wanted to make art about goats

all month.

Available $200.-12″ x 18″ – ‘Abstract totems’ watercolor on paper. (a couple days

I needed a break from goats)


Painting of Aspinwall

Aspinwall, PA by Carol Skinger

“Aspinwall” a 24″ x 31″ painting of the rooftops of Aspinwall from Route 28 is original painting by Carol Skinger.

It is available for purchase $500. framed. It is a watercolor, gouache & ink painting on 400 lb watercolor paper.   It was created for my 10 month solo art show (now ended)  at Cooper Siegel Community Library   in Fox Chapel, PA May 14, 2017- March 15, 2018.

Prints available 11″ x 14″ printed on watercolor paper $55. Larger prints suitable for a 16 x 20 are $80. A high resolution scan has been made for future reproduction uses which can be generated (larger prints and other uses).

To learn more about buildings in the painting, see details within the painting and find additional information look here.

Progress images of this painting:

sketch of Aspinwall, PA by Carol Skinger
progress on Aspinwall, PA painting by Carol Skinger