Homage to famous Pittsburghers

Homage to Rachel Carson
Homage to Rachel Carson -purchase a 17″ square print here
Homage to August Wilson
Homage to August Wilson- purchase a 17″ square print here
The first layouts for a print series where I pay homage to famous Pittsburghers were completed in November 2009. My photographs and my electronic alterations to my photographs are the media. What I would consider an original version using 4 images per piece, was shown, “honorably mentioned” in Pittsburgh Society of Artists “Small Works” exhibit, written about and sold at Borelli Edwards Gallery in Pittsburgh in April 2010.

Here are the first two images as high quality digital prints, copyright 2010 by Carol Skinger
Kurt Shaw’s review of “Small Works” has an explanation for the images I choose to put together in each homage.


August Wilson and Rachel Carson Homage

Homage to August Wilson

Homage to Rachel Carson

Homage to August Wilson

One of the my fondest anecdotes came from my husband and my son who could not attend the art opening (in April 2010) so they went a few hours before just to see the exhibit at BE Gallery. They said they finally found my two pieces and five people were gathered around them looking closely at them and talking about them. That was a really great bit of feedback!

Arts writer Kurt Shaw writes about the exhibit, including my pieces in his write up of the show in the Tribune Review.

Well hooray! My piece titled “August Wilson Homage’ received “honorable mention” and both pieces sold at the opening of “Small Works” Pittsburgh Society of Artists Exhibit April 10th at Borelli Edwards Gallery. Artworks no larger than 14 inches in any dimension was the limitation for consideration to be accepted in the show.

Here is info about the Small Works Exhibit at Borelli Edwards gallery:

Borelli Edwards Gallery
3583 Butler Street
Lawrenceville (a Pittsburgh neighborhood), PA 15201

“Small Works” runs through April 24th,  2010.

In the August Wilson piece I included the building where he grew up as the primary image, and the Carnegie Library in Oakland as the secondary image. He went to that library to read and read after dropping out of high school when he was wrongly accused of plagiarizing a 20 page paper on Napoleon ( and many other complications and hostile educational settings). Eventually the Carnegie Library in Oakland gave him his high school diploma, and he is the only one to ever have received a HS diploma from the library. The image of Rachel Carson’s homestead in Springdale is mixed with my images of coal burning smoke stacks there- a current environmental battle involving new scrubbers proposed by owners RRI out of Houston TX that would reduce sulfur dioxide emissions but increase lead and mercury emissions. High school students (among others in the region) in Springdale have even gotten into the act and have mobilized to demand a better solution- so that is a current news story that I have to think Rachel Carson would have to be proud of.

Architect John Martine bought them! John is a lead design partner at Strada, an award-winning Pittsburgh architecture firm. Of course I’m thrilled about anyone buying my work but I am especially proud to be in John’s collection! I have enormous respect for his work in architecture, and he himself is a really fantastic artist.