Schenley Park Map (30" x 30")


Media: Digital print on heavy satin paper. Color and alterations to this charming vintage map copyright 2010 Carol Skinger. I have written more about history et al here.

Approximate Size: 30″ x 30″
See also smaller size Schenley Park Map to match height of existing Frick Park Map. BTW the Frick Park map is available at the Frick in Pittsburgh if you want to coordinate a set.

Schenley Park one of Pittsburgh’s best loved treasures is located in the university district of Pittsburgh known as Oakland. By now EVERYONE has heard the words “Schenley Park” if they saw the 2012 movie or read the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Pittsburgher Stephen Chbosky.

Perhaps you are geek like me who loves the history of park design. Here is the history of Central Park, without which there would be no Schenley Park!  To be a REAL city, once Central Park was created every city had to do there darndest to come up with something. More on Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park History here.

Residents of Pittsburgh’s East End, students and staff at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh and Carlow University, not to mention staff and families of patients at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) – all count historic Schenley Park as their own. Schenley Park is home to a vintage motor sports car race, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix every July. The park is also home to the Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure, an annual fundraising event for breast cancer and Mother’s Day tradition with more than 35,000 participants.