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Silly Ink Drawings of Pittsburgh, PA by Carol Skinger

Clear Plastic Box contains 6 views of Pittsburgh (8.5” x 5.5”), suitable for framing or to use as greeting cards. Envelopes enclosed, regular stamp required. The opposite of staid architectural drawings they are full of character, weird perspective, skis on cars, kids on skateboards, folks rowing on the river, bicycles, cars and busses AND the wonderful architectural  variety of buildings in Pittsburgh.

For ordering 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints on archival paper from me, look here.

List of 80 or so notable people from or associated with Pittsburgh printed on the back.

Description of each of the 6 SILLY Ink drawings of Pittsburgh:

1. Phipps Conservatory  Things seen in this illustration: Phipps, Botany Hall, Cathedral of Learning University of Pittsburgh, Scaife Hall, Margaret Morrison Hall CMU, train in Panther Hollow, cross country skier,  kid with skates, skis on a car, the Panther sculpture on Panther Hollow Bridge, Robert Burns statue.

2. Grant Street  Things seen in this illustration: Robert Qualters construction workers in foreground, helicopter, Oxford Center, Frick Building 1902, H. H. Richardson’s Allegheny County Courthouse 1888, City County Building 1917; Mellon Bank Center

3. Dollar Bank at Fourth Avenue & Smithfield Street. Things seen in this illustration:  Dollar Bank 1868; Times Building 1892; Smithfield Bridge 1883; both inclines which is silly because you would only see one, kid with skateboard, kids waving from the back of a bus, lots of cars & pedestrians.


4. Sixth Avenue Things seen in this illustration:  cars, busses, cyclists, pedestrians,  Duquesne Club, Trinity Cathedral, First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Granite Building,  EQT Plaza, K&L Gates Center, Wood St Galleries, Wood St. T Station

5. Smithfield Bridge from Station Square Things seen in this illustration:  Smithfield Bridge, Grand Concourse Restaurant (occupies former Pittsburgh Lake & Erie Railroad Station 1901), boats, taxi, kid on skateboard, cars pedestrians, railroad tracks

6. The Point and Heinz Field Things seen in this illustration:  Rowers, kayakers, boats, helicopter, tailgate party, roller skaters, fishing guys, Just Ducky tour boats, Carnegie Science Center, Heinz Field, home of the Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh Football teams, the fountain at the point  fed from a fourth underground river, the Point  is the head of the Ohio, confluence of Allegheny River and Monongahela River where Lewis & Clark began their westward voyage August 31, 1803.

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