Fox Chapel house portrait

House Portraits from $350-$700

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Fox Chapel house portrait

More examples of house portraits below

Getting a house portrait may be the only time you commission an artist to create something for you. Perhaps it will be your first piece of original art. Regardless of whether you are an art lover and have unique pieces of original art in your home, or if you are new to buying art, a house portrait can bring much pleasure and become a family heirloom.

Most of these paintings are approximately 14″ x 14″ or 14″ x 20″.  Most of the house portraits you see here are what I call a single elevation of the front of the house. It is a frontal view with only one side of the house showing. The house portrait titled “455 Maple Ave” shows two sides of the house, and this is a more complex painting taking more time to create. Price would be somewhat higher.

Optionally, get a high resolution scan for future prints, invitations, cards, family reunion   T shirts or mugs. The scan must be made before you frame the painting. I can have the scan done for you if you wish, to ship with the painting.

painting of a brick house 

We love the painting and have had so many wonderful comments! Thank you.

“Our ten-year-old shed a couple of tears when he saw your house portrait of our beloved home we recently sold. This will keep our happy years there close to our hearts. We all love what you created!”
– Laura

“Thank you so much for the house portrait. It is breathtaking. I keep stealing looks at it on the dining table until I can take it to the framer. The kids all love it!”
– Hope


The kids are fighting over the house portrait! Our family is committed to buying original art so I’ll be ordering another and possibly two so they will each have an original painting of the house they grew up in. – Laura Horner

This lovely home is thought to have been built in the 1880s. It has been in the family who owns it now for 100 years.

Historic home in Squirrel Hill thought to have been built in the 1880s. Current owner’s family has owned the house for 100 years. Pittsburgh has so many hills it is not unusual to have a substantial retaining wall.

City House in Lawrenceville, a part of Pittsburgh

This city house called for a simple presentation on white Arches paper. Simplicity is good and often harder to create than complexity.

Winter sky at an island home on Lake Champlain

Got home from Beaver Creek last night, and the first thing I did this morning was go to the post office to get my incredible painting. I can’t imagine a more beautiful creation. But I knew it would be. The list of “I love the way you did the…” is long. I hadn’t imagined the boat house lit up and I love it. And the sky, and water (which I think is very hard to do) is amazing. I like that you incorporated so much as well as the house. Since we can’t bethere at Christmas we now can with your painting. – Susan

artist Carol Skinger

Fox Chapel  home in winter

Fox Chapel Home 2015 - Carol Skinger

Summer view of a Fox Chapel Home with the biggest elephant ears

East End House Point Breeze 2015 - by Carol Skinger

East End Home in Point Breeze

Where she met her husband- pastel by Carol Skinger Where she met her husband - Pastel by Carol Skinger - Copy

I also work in pastel at times. This client wanted to commemorate the place where  she met her husband a few years ago. She went for the sketchier version on the left.

Pittsburgh Golf Club at Schenley Park in Oakland


To commemorate her daughter’s wedding in front of the fireplace at the Pittsburgh Golf Club, Jill Chapman commissioned me to paint this warm Christmas scene.