CMU Buggy Race, print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper


Buggy Race at Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Mellon University,  an Ink drawing by Carol Skinger

A campus tradition dating back to the 1920’s is known as The Buggy Races. They are held each spring during the carnival. Buggies, aerodynamic cylinders designed and built by student groups during the year, are pushed and driven on a course around campus.

Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall was  designed by  architect Henry Hornbostel, and named for Andrew Carnegie’s mother.  It originally housed a vocational school for women. Today, it is home to classrooms, studios and labs for the schools of Architecture, Design, Drama and Music. Scenes from the movies “Flashdance” and “Creepshow” were filmed there. Henry Hornbostel designed the master plan and original buildings of the Carnegie Mellon University  campus. Other buildings in Pittsburgh designed by Hornbostel include Oakland’s Webster Hall, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial, Rodef Shalom Temple, Smithfield Congregational Church and the City County Building.

Copyright Carol Skinger

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