Tenting and Camping Paintings (12 paintings)

Camping! In 2020 more people are camping due to the pandemic. We never stopped camping and it’s a favorite painting subject of mine.

Tenting and the Night Sky by Carol Skinger

This one is in Wales inspired by a photo my cycling acquaintance John Climber  took in late September 2020. He has some great cycling videos.

Red hammock and Tents by Carol Skinger
Tenting and Cycling
Camping and Biking
Reading and Relaxing while camping
Three Tents in the Woods
Pink Tent, Blue Awning
Nighttime in the Campground
Fathers and Sons camping out
Granny and Adam
Sunset Afterglow and the tent in the woods
bright orange slice in dendrite like forest
Dendrite Forest by Carol Skinger

This orange hammock painting is available as a print as well as the original.