Carnegie International -My artworks motivated by 2013 Carnegie Int’l

“Family portrait in the CMOA Modern Gallery”  NFS

I kept this one in my own collection. Sometimes I paint people  in the setting of a museum or gallery.  I am depicting how everyone is using their camera now to capture the art they love or friends and family with the art. In this painting of Gallery 12 at Carnegie Museum: Stuart Davis “Composition Concrete” 1957,  Ellsworth Kelly “Aubade” 1957, Isamu Noguchi’s “Structure” 1945,  Alexander Calder’s mobile 1941, and Ad Reinhardt’s Blue” 1952.   In 2013, the galleries of art since 1945  were renovated as a component of the  2013 Carnegie International. Re-hung by the International curators, the galleries  feature important acquisitions from past  Carnegie International exhibitions and  examine their place in the major art movements of the last 90 years.  This was the work of the curator of contemporary art, Dan Byers, and one of his co-curators of the International, Tina Kukielski.  Museum Director Lynn Zelevansky and the other co-curator of the International, Daniel Baumann, also had input.

Mother daughter photo shoot at Phyllida Barlow sculpture by Carol Skinger “Carolyn photographing her daughter” SOLD 

Pastel and charcoal.  My pastel portrait of Carolyn Pierotti and daughter Catherine at entrance to Carnegie Museum of Art. I am depicting how everyone is using their camera now to capture the art they love or friends and family with the art they love. Artwork in this portrait is Richard Serra’s “Carnegie” and Phyllida Barlow’s piece titled “TIP”.

Carol Skinger WQED shoot at CMOA International (2) “WQED shoot at 2013 Carnegie International ” SOLD  

Watercolor and Pastel. I painted WQED’s  Tonia Caruso hosting  a short film in front of the Phyllida Barlow sculpture “Untitled: upturnedhouse”  which CMOA purchased. WQED’s roducer Jill Neely, museum spokesman Jonathan Gaugler,  a bystander and  Alberto Giacometti’s “Walking Man I“  is seen. Tonia said her staff could not stop laughing when they saw this and they ribbed her that there were so many takes an artist had time to paint a portrait.

Carol Skinger sketch Carnegie International 2013 Phyllida Barlow & Richard Serra sculptures - CopyPhyllida Barlow and Richard Serra welcome you to 2013 Carnegie International ”  $350.

17” x 11” Pastel and Charcoal.  Contact me to purchase. Charcoal and pastel is inspired by “TIP” British artist Phyllida Barlow’s  sculpture at the CMOA entrance, and the contrast with Serra’s “Carnegie” 1985  Core -ten Steel sculpture. The Scaife Galleries were designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes in 1974. You cannot see it but Dan Kiley designed the nearby landscaping. Dan Kiley developed the planting schemes surrounding the Scaife Galleries as well as in the  sculpture court entered from parking lot.

Carol Skinger CMOA selfie with Serra and Barlow “Selfies” a collage of ballpoint pen, pastel and watercolor at entrance of  CMOA   $350.- — Contact me to purchase. 

22″x 12″ Ballpoint pen, pastel, watercolor collage. Contact me to purchase.

Carol Skinger CMOA Polly studies Taryn Simon photography

“Polly studies Tayrn Simon photography”  SOLD

19” x 12”  Pastel, watercolor.  Tayrn Simon’s series is a photographic inventory of the women, weapons and vehicles of James Bond films made over the past fifty years. My friend photographer and fiber artist Polly Whitehorn (graduate of FIT) relocated to Pittsburgh from NY.

Carol Skinger CMOA play installation “Sketch of Fuji Kindergarten Installation” $350.  

22” x 12” Pastel and Charcoal. Contact me to purchase. This was part of the Playground Project at the International. Kids could play within this installation and there some pictures of that here.

Carol Skinger CMOA Helen & Scott Nearing “Scott Nearing: I have my Book; Helen Nearing: I have my Big Ass TV” NFS

19” x 12” Watercolor, color pencil, collage with Joel Sternfeld’s photograph of the Nearings.  Inspired by  Sternfeld’s  installation series documenting  Experimental Utopias in America. The yellow cat is a tip of my hat to Nicole Eisenman’s painting  “Beer Garden with Ulrike and Celeste”. Got to meet her at Life Drawing Workshop at Carnegie Museum! Reflections show Mexican artist Pedro Reyes “Disarm”, self playing instruments made from weapons confiscated from the drug war installed in the Hall of Sculpture. BTW no one could be less likely to own a big ass TV than the Nearings.

Carol Skinger brush sketch Carneg Int'l Phylldia Barlow“Serra’s Carnegie and Barlow’s TIP at entrance to CMOA” 

32” x 22 ½” ink, wash, gouache on newsprint, mounted on foam core board. This was my first sketchy and loose sketch for my sketchbook.  Available for sale.