East Liberty – Carol Skinger’s fake urban plan

Fake Urban Plan for East Liberty

Media: acrylic paint on archival satellite photograph; permanent metallic gold ink

Archival print created by Haiko Spallek

Approximate Size: 20″ x 16″

Framed painting over print with text.

Contact me to purchase  a print of it.

In this piece I replace urban planner Robert Moses with my own name.  R.K. Mellon and Mosites Co.’s names crossed out as players for the role.

In this piece I replace  journalist, author, and activist Jane Jacob with  Chris Ivey’s name. Others crossed outed are Arthur Ziegler, James Van Trump, Franklin Toker.

Juror Kathleen Zimbicki awarded this piece a Juror’s Award at Pittsburgh Society of Artist’s June 2010 exhibit titled  “Urban Dreams” at Fein Arts Gallery on Pittsburgh’s Northside.

Central to my theme is my proposal of 80 green roofs within Penn Circle, organic gardens, a lazy river moat ride around East Liberty Presbyterian Church, outdoor pools and a summer stage for a “Chris Ivey Film Festival” in the middle of it all.

If want want to read more about my thinking in creating this piece read here.

My thinking about green as relates to my East Liberty art piece:

  • East Liberty and contiguous lands were once green before all the subdivisions first created by first Jacob Negley (laid out East Liberty in 1810) and then Thomas Mellon his son-in-law.
  • Liberty itself used in the British usage meant free place to graze (not from the Revolution as I had always imagined) – so I’m thinking historically it housed a bucolic cattle grazing place (apparently there was also originally North Liberty, South Liberty and West Liberty). Since now there is only East Liberty- maybe now a name change can be considered to go with the “greening of East Liberty- hence “Liberty Green”
  • “Green = $” — When thinking of the financial engine that the land Thomas Mellon acquired (as a result of his marriage to Jacob Negley’s daughter Sarah Jane) became,  it’s impressive how it fueled the many other business ventures he is more associated with
  • Green the way we think now… sustainable, energy conservation, recycled