Fish and Mountain 30″ x 22″

Title: Fish and Mountain
Media: Watercolor
Approximate Size: 30″ x 22″

I grew up very near a big mountain which had an effect, a positive effect. One of the most memorable moments in art school came in an experimental painting class with Arthur Okamura. We were painting outside- though working in a mode nothing like painting  en plein air.

We were just working outside in a forlorn rail and river area near Berkeley in search of total accident and experiment in paint, nothing related to pictorial accounts of what we were seeing.

I came up with a very loose abstract mountain thing and had a feeling of elation, as if this is something that is me, not a picture of a scene. I have used the sense of it, the memory of it in various paintings and this is one I kept for us. This particular painting is Not for sale.

Mountain detail

Fish Detail 2
Fish Detail 2

Fish detail 3