Phone, write? email? facebook? tweet? Send a postcard to your elected officials

Post Card- Dear Elected Official

Post Card- Dear Elected Official

A packet of 24 postcards  4″ x 6″ can be purchased here

A packet of 12 postcards   4″ x 6″ can be purchased here

My post cards are blank on the back. Write your own message. There is nothing about my postcard  that suggests it is left or right or center leaning. I simply could not find any post office that was not out of postcards so I designed my own. So many folks are trying to communicate with their elected officials that the post office ran out of postcards. I am using them to write my senators and congressman and other elected officials. Folks feel email is not getting through as they seem to get boiler plate message back with no sense they have been heard. People have burned out on waiting to leave a message in voicemail. So snail mail is coming back! You feel like when you send it with a simple message to your elected officials offices, it will be read and counted.

Don’t be rude and don’t be anonymous. Put your full return address so it is clear you are their constituent. Our elected officials like to say this ground swell of communication and protest  is being organized by professional activists. I can tell you this is just me, an artist who decided I want to communicate with my elected officials. I want to let them know my thoughts, one or no  two things at a time.  My first postcards were about asking for my US Congressmen to support 1. a full investigation into the Russia connection with our election 2. pursue Trump’s tax returns to be made public.

It’s easy to find out who your elected officials are by searching find my elected officials. Voila. I did it for you. They usually have more than one snail mail address, so pick one.

Everyone comes up with a preferred method to keep in touch with elected officials over things that are important. If you have tried phoning and other methods, perhaps a simple post card will work for you. Being a citizen means voting and knowing who your elected officials are. Make a list and put it on your fridge. It does not matter whether you voted for them or not, once elected they represent you. Even if you never voted in your life, they still represent you. Being a better citizen is a little like deciding to get in shape by exercising. To exercise as a citizen is to be informed, to pay attention to the news, and to pay attention to how your elected officials voted. To communicate with your elected officials, let them know if you appreciate how they voted send them a post card. Or especially let them know how you hope they will vote on upcoming legislation, send them a post card. We are a nation of laws. Things change, and its usually people who change them. It matters. It all matters. Any way you decide to communicate with your elected officials is meaningful. It all counts. Its not just a “feel good” thing. They ACTUALLY  do count the communications they get and what their constituents are saying to them. Be sure to include your name and return address and zipcode when you write a postcard. If you don’t do that, they won’t count it. If finding your local elected official means knowing what county you live in and you are not sure what county you live in- check this site.



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