Poetry and Art in Pittsburgh, 3 events to attend!

Amelia will read her piece from Writing to Art workshop. She stands in front of her choice: Carolyn Pierotti's painting "Conversation"

Amelia will read her piece from Writing to Art workshop. She stands in front of her choice: Carolyn Pierotti’s painting “Conversation”

Saturday January 16 at 12 noon – 3 p.m. at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts address

Pittsburgh- April is national poetry month but Pittsburgh has its own ideas. This weekend on January 16, 2016 there are 2 Poetry & Art events. And later in the month at the Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl on January 22, there is a third one at Space. This was not a plan it just happened on its own. Kind of poetic isn’t it? And the way it worked out if WORD + ART is your thing you can attend them all! First stop January 16 Shadyside/Point Breeze; second stop Millvale; later in the month downtown.

Come one and all to the Closing Event of Pittsburgh Society of Artists 50th Annual Exhibition. Jurors for this year’s PSA selection were independent curator Petra Fallaux and visual artist and Carnegie Mellon professor Patricia Maurides. Many of the writers in Laurie McMillan’s Writing to Art workshop the previous weekend who created poetry addressing individual artworks will bring their poetry and read it in front of the artwork they selected to write about. Be there. Many exhibiting PSA artists will be on hand to hear the writer’s responses. Open to the public. A very different set of observations and thoughts regarding an individual artwork may occur to viewers as they hear the writer’s words.

Laurie Arnold Writing to Art Workshop Writing to Art Workshop Pittsburgh

How lucky the 26 people were who attended this wonderful program, connecting with art through writing, including  10 year old  Amelia Staresinic who was recently accepted to CAPA in the Writing and Literary Arts program. You will be amazed to hear her written response to Carolyn Pierotti’s monumental painting titled Conversation.

Spoiler alert I went to the workshop and I will be reading my written piece to Lisa Bergant Koi‘s large abstract painting “Departure”.  By design I did not look at the title when I created my written expression about her painting, so you will not hear about a departure.

The week before the closing it was 57 degrees and sunny in Pittsburgh, in JANUARY! Laurie McMillan lead an all ages, all abilities “Writing to Art” Workshop as she has done many times for Pittsburgh Society of Artists.  A group of 26 people, writers and non-writers met to experience Laurie’s writing guidance on Saturday January 9, 2016. Participants were responding with creative writing and poetry to the artwork of the 50th Annual Exhibition of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists.

Laurie is a therapeutic writing facilitator in Pittsburgh who uses the magic of poetry to inspire people to get in touch with meaningful material that can alter the course of their life story. She is also a nurse and gardener and enjoys a vital literary community in Pittsburgh.

Saturday January 16 evening from 6 to 9 p.m. at Panza Gallery

Verse Envisioned: Poems from the Post-Gazette and works of art they have inspired

Panza Gallery address

**Anesthetic by artist Aimee Manion

by artist Aimee Manion

The Verse Envisioned project is a book and a gallery exhibition of poetry and art. It is a celebration of Pittsburgh’s brilliant artists and writers.

Saturday January 22 Gallery Clawl downtown  The Mountain and the Bumble Bee at Space

Space gallery address

Space gallery Pittsburgh

The Mountain and the Bumble Bee (Trib article by Kurt Shaw) brings together selected works by contemporary artists and poets who confront broadly defined notions of landscape as both cultural icon and raw material. Working in a variety of media including photography, sculpture, painting, digital media and poetic verse, featured artists maneuver the complex web of references contributing to our understanding of landscape. Scenes from Hollywood westerns abut survey photographs and miniature paintings to highlight America’s often‐contradictory role as both steward and exploiter of the land.

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