Historic Schenley Park Map with 2013 changes!

I am so excited about my latest changes to Schenley Park Map.  I started to realize that people were pairing it with the Frick Park map for framing purposes which makes sense.  Then I realized I can do something to make the Schenley Park map  more like the Frick Park map by filling in the blank text box with the history of the park (surely what the blank box was always intended for) and by adding a red border .

Here is the existing Frick Park map (available at Frick Art and Historical Center) which shows text in their box as well as a red stripe at border.

The new Schenley Park map will be available at Friday evening January 25th 2013 Gallery Crawl Project POP UP III. Post Gazette is writing about it now. AND it will also be available at IMI Mine! Feb 2, 2013 Southide Works. It is always for sale, available in two sizes on my website .