I am a fan of Rachel Carson

I am a fan of Rachel Carson! This is my pastel of her childhood home near Pittsburgh.

Contact me through my website if you would like to purchase greeting cards of this image. The original sold.

Tonight 2/8/2011 Squirrel Hill Historical Society presents a free talk at 7:30 PM by: Patricia DeMarco, PhD Executive Director, Rachel Carson Homestead Association. Patricia’s full title is Director Rachel Carson Institute, Scool of Sustainablilty and the Environment, Chatham University.

titled “Rachel Carson and Her Legacy”

date: Tuesday Feb 8, 2011

location- Squirrel Hill:
The Church of the Redeemer, located at 5700 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217

I love the irony that RC is from greater Pittsburgh, PA not Maine as I once thought. Like Warhol she not only grew up here but stayed in Pittsburgh through college (undergraduate years). I am a proud New Englander by birth (but long time resident of Pittsburgh which I love). I was becoming aware of Rachel Carson around the time of the first Earth Day since my mom had a copy of The Edge of the Sea around. It was a book, like many of my mom’s that I flipped through and found pretty interesting (and later got more interested in). Since we often went camping in Deer Isle, Maine I just assumed that Maine was where Rachel Carson was from, with that book as a reference.

So it was a surprise to me when moved to Pittsburgh, that the mother lode of the environmental movement was born and grew up just upriver from Pittsburgh, a place few would associate with being a major beach head of the environmental movement. Not counting those who came before like protectionists John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt and sort of conservationist Gifford Pinchot (land of many uses) – Rachel Carson really is the IT person on the environmental movement unless you are with the far right wing, in which case she is seen as a misguided liberal crackpot.

To fool around with the irony of her coming from Springdale, PA I created a poster combining my altered images of Rachel Carson Homestead with the smoke stacks from the local power plants where her father worked at times, like nearly everyone there.