Exactly how many art supplies are at arm’s reach when I am making a painting? And how much do those supplies cost?

Something artists do not like to think of when making art is how much is it costing me to make art? Granted I spent most all of my travel budget to London, Amsterdam and Paris on paint in the London Windsor and Newton store on a trip years ago and still have one or two of those tubes left. Other than that I am always buying new paint.

So for me it’s about $1100. in supplies on hand at all times.

Paper:  $50 worth of full watercolor sheets on hand

Paint: Watercolor professional grade Windor and Newton
$450 worth of watercolor tubes are always on hand. Much of watercolor painting involves putting pigment down and then removing some or nearly all of it while still wet- not very efficient but that’s how it is.

Paint: Acrylic  professional grade larger tubes
$214 worth of large tubes on hand

Color pencils
$150 worth  in Prismacolor pencils. Individual pencils cost $1.40 each.

Watercolor Brushes
$150. in watercolor brushes on hand (some are dead and just keep for the memories)

Acrylic/Oil Brushes
$80. In acrylic/oil brushes on hand

Other stuff I am using during painting process- paper towel, soft erasers, vine charcoal, pencil, digital camera, computer, prints of photographs.